Black Balance is a company which specialises in a wide range of professional services on behalf of its clients, providing a comprehensive project management and consulting service in the business environment, while taking cognisance of the country’s social development needs.

Specification, selection and systems development principles are all incorporated into the company’s methodologies.

Black Balance undertakes the following developmental activities:
Research and consulting on economic development and general initiatives and projects;
Project design and scoping;
Project feasibility studies;
Project management, including the provision of project managers to plan and manage projects and programmes;
Project and programme management training;
The set-up and implementation of project offices as a core competency of project management, ensuring effective and efficient monitoring and reporting; and
Project enhancement and support by way of business development and planning, development and facilitation of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise contractors, labour-intensive and/or labour-based documentation and construction, and civil engineering-based workshops for the development for such contractors.

With regard to the company’s technical support services, Black Balance offers professional services in the following engineering disciplines:
Project Management – Multi-disciplinary projects, financial control and project programming;
  • Architectural
• Engineering: civil, structural, mechanical, electrical
• Quantity Surveying
• Geotechnical
• Surveying
Township Services – bulk reticulation, network design and in-situ upgrades;
Structural and Building Services – earthworks and platform design, reticulation networks for services, retaining walls, reinforced concrete design and piling design;
Water and Waste Engineering – Water resources, pipelines, reservoirs, pump stations, water loss management and landfills;
Roads and Highways – New road design, rehabilitation of existing roads, pavements and geometric design;
Petro-chemical Industry and Mechanical – Pipelines, storage facilities, pollution control and pump stations; and
Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) – Business development planning, development and facilitation of SMME contractors, labour-intensive/labour-based documentation and construction and civil engineering-based workshops for the development of SMME contractors.