A leader and innovator in architecture, engineering and economic development, Black Balance Projects is a dynamic and skilled KwaZulu-Natal-based business enterprise committed to the sustainable social development of people and the critical delivery of infrastructure in South Africa.

Ours is a company geared to satisfying increasing market demand for fully integrated, turnkey business solutions, regarded as crucial in the quest for economic growth in and the necessary development of South Africa.

To be a leading catalyst for long-term developmental change in South Africa and beyond through the delivery of innovative, sustainable and client-centric engineering, planning, architectural and economic development solutions within both the public and private sectors.

To provide a professional, solutions-driven and multi-disciplinary consulting service, capable of creating a positive and sustainable socio-economic development impact.

Black Balance Projects, a company with more than 20 years experience in the built environment, has developed an enviable track-record of responsible and sustainable infrastructural development, while remaining keenly focused on weighty socio-economic necessities in, especially, the historically disadvantaged areas of South Africa.

The company actively demonstrates, by way of its diverse and multi-disciplinary business activities, the essential balance it has achieved in its urban and rural projects, giving effect to vital sustainable economic development in both the public and private sectors and the tailoring of its business solutions to the needs of its individual clients.

Black Balance Projects is a business enterprise dedicated to impacting positively on this country’s diverse and ever-evolving development landscape.