Black Balance, an economic development and engineering consulting company, is a dynamic KwaZulu-Natal-based business enterprise characterised by knowledgeable leadership in different spheres, so providing the vital equilibrium between the sustainable social development of people and the critical delivery of infrastructure within the environment in South Africa.

To be a dynamic partner and service provider, striking the perfect balance between the advancement of transformation and empowerment, and the delivery of engineering, project management and consulting solutions in the business sector.

To provide all-encompassing professional and constructive solutions in the spheres of engineering, project management and consulting, based – fundamentally – on the practical need for accelerated and affordable service delivery, development and transformation, so promoting sustainable social change for the benefit of both South Africa’s people and its environment.




These services of the company are led by Mel Clark who has more than 15 years extensive experience within economic development and investment finance institutions in KwaZulu-Natal.

He was instrumental in driving a host of Government-supported economic initiatives in the Province, having been Chief Executive Officer of the KwaZulu-Natal Economic Council, Head of the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development Tourism, and, latterly, Chief Executive Officer of the KZN Growth Fund Managers. He is a founding member of Black Balance and has worked for the company in a full-time capacity since 2007.

Through its economic development services, the company is committed to the active promotion of responsible and sustainable socio-economic development, leading to the upliftment of the historically disadvantaged in South Africa.

We believe in a holistic development process – establishing a balance between development and transformation remains at the very heart of the business consulting services provided by the company.

We offer the following professional consulting products:
Local Economic Development (LED) Strategies: Black Balance is familiar with the most widely-recognised methodologies for undertaking LED studies and for developing practical LED strategies for areas and Municipalities. In particular, the company has the necessary expertise for developing partnerships between public and private sector organisations intent on pursuing local economic development initiatives. Our management has been involved in LED processes in partnership with organisations such as the National Business Initiative, the Business Trust, the European Commission and others.
Industry Development Strategies: Following the principles of the Customised Sector Programme of the National Department of Trade and Industry, Black Balance manages comprehensive industry clustering programmes, aimed at increasing investment and raising the levels of competitiveness of individual industries through systematic programmes and partnerships amongst industry stakeholders. By way of example, the company was appointed by Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal and the eThekwini Municipality to research and facilitate the Ship and Boat-building and Repair Industry Development Programme.
Black Economic Empowerment Strategies and Initiatives: Black Balance has the capacity to provide Government and private organisations with strategic advice regarding Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment strategies and initiatives. The company, for example, plays an advisory role in the KwaZulu-Natal Rural Upliftment Trust, established by the private sector. It also has the requisite expertise in consulting on Corporate Social Investment plans and socio-economic development programmes.
Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) Development: The company provides a range of advisory services in the SMME sector, from broad strategy formulation to the development of project-specific business plans.





Malcolm Biggar is a civil engineer and professionally qualified project manager with experience in engineering, construction and property development.

He has the ability to strategically utilise labour-intensive methodologies – should project leaders so require – in all built environment projects. He is also a specialist in programmes which focus on the use and development of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises.

The company brings a wealth of experience and expertise in project management work in both the public and private sectors and in both urban and rural environments as regards the delivery of responsible infrastructural development.

Black Balance’s engineering design and management proficiency is critical in its design and supervision of construction of urban and rural civil engineering works. This encompasses roads, storm-water, sewer, water and related special facilities, such as pump stations, rising mains, trunk sewer pipelines and major storm-water outfalls, amongst others.

The company’s engineering technical services include:
Project planning as regards production and product flows;
Materials handling, warehousing, racking and distribution;
Site planning, inclusive of economic site utilisation, skills and safety management;
Design, driven by cost-benefit ideals;
Site earthworks, reclamation and foundation engineering;
Concrete, steel and masonry building structures;
Continuous slide concrete structures, such as retaining walls, bunds, basements and pits;
Industrial architecture and work-force facilities;
Site security, site services, including water, sewers, storm-water drainage and electricity; and
Solid and liquid industrial waste solutions.

The company’s core consulting and project management expertise lies in the following key services:
Project Feasibility Studies: Black Balance provides comprehensive design and scoping.
Project Management: The company provides project managers to plan and manage projects and programmes.
Training: Project and programme management training is offered and provided.
Project Offices and Systems: The company is capable of establishing and implementing project offices and systems for the purposes of effective and efficient monitoring and reporting.
Facilitation of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs): The company delivers project enhancement and support through effective business development planning, development and the facilitation of SMMEs, labour-intensive and/or labour-based project implementation systems.